In 2015 I, Emilie, went through a period of questioning what I wanted for myself after two back to back maternity leaves.

Being a stay-at-home mom with two babies born 14 months apart is great, and even better for an entrepreneur in the making. My creativity had piqued, and it was time I took action. 

A beautiful collaboration was born with my business partner (yes, yes, my lover!). Ideas were brewing non-stop. We were two savvy brains in search of our next step. Day in, day out, we chatted, concocted new ideas, got excited, and one morning, we decided to go for it!

The Ole Hop team was formed over the next few weeks and our ideas began more and more to make sense, and they began to materialize themselves.  

Mahée and Isaac knew, in their own way, that I needed their help cultivating the images that inhabited me, my creative aspirations.

I wanted so badly to have beautiful, soft blankets with which I could wrap my beautiful babies. I wanted something that could be theirs, with their scent, their texture, their print—all with the most breathtaking colours and patterns. 

When I notice a baby in his or her Ole Hop blanket, I feel accomplished. Like I’ve done my job. I’ve put out a product that’s soft, personal, comforting, and all for the benefit of your little one… and mine. ;)

Émilie & Jimmy


Ole Hop is not made up of just two leaders. It’s a dynamite team and each of us pushed the company to be the best it is, while respecting our golden mission statement: creating a range of blankets that are out of the ordinary, with stunning and modern illustrations.

From the beginning, it has been important for us to surround ourselves with the cream of the crop: a team that will share the company’s vision and allow for innovation, improvement, and growth while delivering a high-end and unique product.

Ole Hop is also made of :

Top-notch boutiques that have never missed an opportunity to bombard us with constructive comments, photographers that have always found a gap in their busy schedule, a graphic designer that helped us clarify our brand from the very start, competent investors, a readily available mentor, a dynamic web designer who immediately saw what we were after, a dedicated seamstress, and of course some outstanding illustrators who manage to create exactly what we have in mind.